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Ornamental Tree and Shrub Care

Ornamental trees and shrubs add a sense of beauty and sophistication to your property. However, their care requires a level of expertise that goes beyond basic gardening skills. Plant It Earth offers ornamental tree and shrub care services designed to ensure that your landscape is always in its prime.

Disease and Fungus Control

PIE prioritizes the health of your ornamental trees and shrubs. We provide targeted disease and fungus control procedures tailored to counter the specific challenges that the Florida climate presents. We use a comprehensive approach, from preventative measures to treatment of existing conditions, to ensure your plants remain disease-free and healthy.

Manganese Treatment

In Florida’s unique soils, manganese deficiency is a common issue that can affect the health and appearance of your plants. Our specialized manganese treatment service addresses this problem effectively. This treatment replenishes the essential nutrients in the soil, promoting the robust growth of your trees and shrubs, enhancing their resistance to diseases, and ensuring they maintain their vibrant colors.

Fertilization Services

To cater to diverse plant needs and soil conditions, PIE offers both liquid and granular fertilization services. Liquid fertilization is fast-acting, providing immediate nutrients to plants while also improving soil structure. It’s perfect for quick revitalization of your garden or tackling nutrient deficiencies.

On the other hand, granular fertilization releases nutrients slowly, offering sustained nourishment for your plants over an extended period. This method is particularly beneficial for maintaining long-term health and vibrancy of your lawn, trees, and shrubs. By combining these two methods, we ensure balanced and comprehensive fertilization that caters to the immediate and future nutrient needs of your garden.


With Plant It Earth, you can trust that your trees and shrubs are in the hands of experienced professionals who take pride in their work. Contact us today to learn more or request a free estimate, and let us help your outdoor dreams take root and flourish!


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