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Compacted soil is a major contributor to poor root development in many Florida lawns – and poor root development prevents a healthy growth of thick, dark green grass. Soil compaction is a natural process caused by many factors including normal traffic use from pets, kids, lawn equipment and many other typical uses. Another major factor is the standard Florida builder practice of installing sod over a heavy, dense clay soil base. Aeration Services.

Annual aeration is a highly effective method of fixing the problems of compacted soil and promoting healthy root growth that leads to beautiful lawns.

Our technicians will carefully inspect your lawn for shading, soil type, tree and plant root systems, locate irrigation heads and pipes. And any other issues affecting your lawn’s soil compaction After the inspection the technician will aerate your property by going over the entire lawn with a commercial machine used to penetrate the soil surface and remove thousands of small cylindrical slugs of soil that are then deposited on the surface of the lawn. These slugs of removed soil open pathways to the root system and the small soil slugs deposited on the surface will breakdown over the next couple of weeks and re-enter the lawn’s ecosystem.

Aeration’s benefits include:

– Increase the activity of soil microorganisms that decompose thatch.
– Increase water, nutrient, and oxygen movement into the soil.
– Improve root penetration and allow for a better root system
– Enhance saturation of rainfall or irrigation, allowing for deeper penetration
– Help prevent fertilizer and pesticide run-off from overly compacted areas.

The most important benefit of aeration, however, is the satisfaction of having a thick, rich carpet of healthy grass.

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