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Fire Ants Are a Big Problem:

Fire ants (Red Imported Fire Ants, Solenopsis invicta) originated from South Africa and were inadvertently introduced to the US through the port of Mobile, Alabama in the 1930s.

Last year, over 20 million people were stung by fire ants and billions were spent in the fight against them by ways of medical cost, control/treatment cost and property damage repairs. Fire ants are extremely aggressive and will attack if their mounds are disturbed. They multiply by the thousands and one colony can have multiple queens capable of laying 1,500 eggs per day. Currently, fire ants infest more than 325 million acres across the southern United States.

HOW TopChoice WORKS against Fire Ants:

  • 1 application controls and prevents fire ants for up to 1 year.
  • 1 application provides as much control as three or more applications of a parathyroid or bait.
  • Other insecticides or insecticide baits can require multiple applications to achieve the same level and duration of control offered by TopChoice.
  • It is a restricted use product only available to licensed professionals. A homeowner-applied product is not available.
  • Can be applied anytime of the year.
  • Provides limited control of fleas, ticks, and mole crickets.
  • Developed, supported and Backed by Bayer.
  • Proven effective on over 1.5 million lawns throughout the Southeast.
  • Saves you time and money from not having to perform costly retreats.
  • TopChoice has dual action, controls existing fire ant infestations while preventing new infestations.
  • The granular formulation is simply broad cast over the target area.
  • The active ingredient in TopChoice is fipronil, and the fipronil is released into the soil with rainfall or irrigation after application. The active ingredient will stay in the soil for continual control for up to one year.
  • Fipronil is not a fast acting insecticide and that is the benefit of using it. As fire ants move throughout the treated soil they come in contact with the active ingredient, exposing themselves to fipronil and carrying it back into the colony without even knowing it.
  • They are social pests and groom one another. When this occurs the active ingredient is further spread throughout the colony by ingestion and colonies.
  • The initial control of both the foraging ants and the entire colony in the mound may take 4-6 weeks but once it is in the soil the product will remain active for up to one year, preventing new colonies from forming.
  • Additional  pests controlled by TopChoice (approximate length of control): Mole crickets (4 months), Nuisance ants (3 months), Fleas (1 month), Ticks (1 month)

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