Lawn Fertilization

At Plant It Earth, our lawn fertilization goes above and beyond that of many of our competitors to give you the most beautiful property at the most reasonable price. We start by making sure your lawn gets the proper blends of nutrients it needs during your very first application to begin correcting any problems or deficiencies.

Our monthly service, with custom blended applications of nitrogen, phosphorous potassium and other nutrients, each carefully chosen to match your lawn’s needs and current weather conditions makes sure your lawn continues to grow strong roots and rich, healthy blades.

We use a combination of application methods to ensure your lawn gets the best care possible. Our granular application system is used to deliver high concentrations of healthful nutrients to your lawn’s root system to promote a thick, beautiful, dark green healthy growth while helping to control weeds and insect pests. After all, one of the best ways to keep insects and weeds out, is to have a thick healthy lawn.

Our Liquid application systems are used primarily in the hot summer months to keep your lawn dark green without causing the grass to grow out of control. This is a great way for us to control the amount of growth, while keeping your lawn beautiful and healthy. This system and method of application also allows us to use liquid insecticides, which is the most effective form of insect control on the market today.

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